domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Bone song

Yakko: Everybody knows about the ankle bone connected to the
Other bones you have inside your leg.
Wakko: And everybody knows it's true,
Without the bones inside of you,
Dot : Your body would become a scrambled egg.

Yakko: So the toe bone's connected to the foot bone,
Wakko: And the foot bone's connected to the ankle bone,
Dot : And slide is connected to the trombone.

Yakko: The structure of the human body's
Something quite unique
And I'd imagine all the bones and joints
Connected to each other
In a complex distribution
Formed by years of evolution
That there still is some confusion
As to how it came to be.

Wakko: The foot and toes and ankle
Help us walk; we should be thankful
They're connected to the lower leg
Or else we'd all fall down
Right, here's the tibia, the shin bone
And the fibula is ingrown
To the back of the patella
Which is also called the knee.

YW+D : Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee,
Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee.
Knee knee knee knee knee knee knee,
Knee knee knee knee knee.

Dot : Here we classify bone as the
Femur or the thigh bone
It's connected to the pelvis
And the lower lumbar region
Up the sacrum to the vertebrae
And doctors all prefer to say
The sternum or the thorax
When they're talkin' 'bout your ribs.

Yakko: The finger bones are numerous
Wakko: The upper arm's the humerus
Dot : The forearm's got two pieces
Called the radius and ulna
Yakko: Then the scapula and clavicle
Wakko: The maxilla and mandible
Dot : The nasal and the frontal bone
And cranium on top. Mwah!

Yakko: The skeleton is really great
Wakko: It helps your body stand up straight
YW+D : Without it all your brains and guts
Would fall out on the floor!

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